An end-to-end software solution on a single platform.

We enable companies of any size to deliver branded, customised, working capital solutions that grow with their business and can be easily accessed by desktop and mobile devices.

For over 40 years HPD LendScape have been the market leaders for commercial finance providers, helping them to deliver better working capital finance solutions creating a superior experience for their clients worldwide.

Banks and finance providers in more than 50 countries trust our invoice finance and data gathering solutions to manage over 50,000 clients, handling more than 20 million invoices, and $50 billion of receivables annually.

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Here are just some of the leading brands that put their trust in HPD LendScape factoring software.

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Ben Lindberg

We underwent a thorough appraisal of the solutions available to factoring companies and it was clear to us that only HPD had the tools, the people and the experience to meet our needs.

Ben Lindberg, Head of Finance & Control (CFO)

Nordea Finance

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Matthew Ascott

HPD have been a main IT solutions provider to IGF for many years. During those years we have seen the continual evolution of the platforms and HPD are actively investing in the LendScape platform and listening to the customer’s needs.

The annual LendScape conference is a prime example of this with HPD showcasing its future vision and bringing customers together in a collaborative environment.

Matthew Ascott, Chief Information Officer

IGF Group Services Ltd