A trusted platform that drives your growth

We've been rated best in class for around 40 years by global commercial finance providers of all sizes. LendScape's flexible secured lending solution streamlines your lending process, so you can get on with business. Its proven robust design scales with your business and customers' processes. Built for any User Interface, the platform is easily accessible on mobile devices. Our experts ensure security and regulatory compliance. All to help you make funding decisions quickly, whilst reducing risk. 

The ultimate timesaving platform for lending

LendScape's platform integrates with your systems. Our plug in data extraction gives you easy access to the right data. It helps you to make better decisions, cutting the lead time from invoice to funding. 

"The multilingual and multi country platform delivers flexibility, cost savings and lowers the internal administrative burden across our group and we are delighted to have HPD Software as our IT partner of choice."
Hans Krantz, IT Solution Manager
SEB Group

Some of our clients