BCR RFIx Convention 2020


10th March 2020

Event Date:

10th March 2020

The 2020 RFIx programme is themed ‘The Shock of the New’. The phrase ‘ the shock of the new’ is taken from a 1980 documentary television series. It addressed the development of modern art since the Impressionists and the immense impact and change this had on the global art world. This phrase was felt to be very appropriate in reflecting what is happening in the global receivables finance industry and the huge and relatively sudden impact new technology is having on the sector now and what its likely to have in the near future.

‘There are two key aspects that make RFIx 2020 a particularly important event. The first is that it is the 20th Anniversary of the first RFIx and as such we will make it a special event with a great programme, topics, speakers, and of course, networking. The second is the rapidly increasing scope of opportunity for the receivables finance industry. This whole sector is evolving and developing so rapidly that these are very exciting, even shocking times. Come, join us and be a part of something special…’


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