Store invoices contextually for fast access

Document Management is our latest content repository designed to store and view documents where they are most contextually relevant across the LendScape platform.

Speed up customer credit checks

Includes order confirmations, proof of delivery and payment terms, allowing you to evaluate risk prior to funding.

Manage multiple KYC activities

The multiple integration points support invoice verification by having copies of the invoice with shipping notification attached to a Ledger Item. Manage your KYC (Know Your Customer) activities by capturing Company House Information and Credit Reports alongside Parties or Debtor Accounts.

Reasons to try it:

  • Quick identification of issues and resolution
  • Captures and attaches documents for suppliers
  • JSR-283 compliant allowing integration with other DMS
  • Non-payment risk management
  • Manage high document volumes


  • Documents can be shared internally and externally in client in portal
  • Assist invoice verification
  • Document links to ledger item
  • Attach images to ledger items