Increasing Operational Efficiency

The HPD LendScape Platform delivers actions to the right people at the right time.

Automate and streamline your operational process with the HPD LendScape Platform, allowing your business to maximise specialist knowledge within your internal teams.

Whether you are hosted by HPD LendScape in one of its global network of data centres or hosted in-house, the HPD LendScape Platform will integrate with other key operational systems to facilitate an automated product delivery.

Use workflows and rules-based-decisions to drive operational efficiencies, and provide quality, professional customer service to your market.

Flexible to Meet Business Needs

Multi-currency, language, country, time zone and jurisdiction, supported on one platform, to support the flexibility of your business and customer in a highly evolving and agile market.

Our platform enables you to:

  • Launch your new products to market rapidly
  • Deliver a device and platform independent solution
  • Customise to your brand
  • Adapt business rules to your business
  • Dynamically create and configure your own reports

Getting started with the HPD LendScape Platform

Configure your business process and manage your suppliers from one secure location.

Automatically generate contract templates to review and authorise suppliers.

Arjan de Liefde

In 2016, we took the decision to upgrade the core Asset Based Finance platform across our Group – in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. Following extensive consideration, we decided on HPD and its LendScape solution, with the priority to undertake a 9 month project to upgrade our business in the Netherlands. We are pleased with the end result and look forward to our continued partnership with HPD, enabling us to take our business forward and further develop our domestic and cross-border Receivables and Asset Based Lending solutions.

Arjan de Liefde, Managing Director Corporate & Institutional Banking

ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance N.V.

Data Extraction & Analysis

Allowing automation and streamlining of your data capture requirements so you can deliver a fast, hands-free funding product to your customers and real-time risk management information to your operational team.

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Invoicing & Receivables Management

At the heart of the HPD LendScape Platform, is the invoice and receivables management module, supporting multiple financing and services delivery products in the world capital finance space.

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Analytics Insights & Reporting

Our analytics, insights and reporting module provides a smart dashboard for informed business finance management.

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Customised Client Portal

The HPD LendScape platform delivers a fully brandable online portal for your customer to feel in control of their funding and service facility, whether they are in the office or on the move.

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Professional Services

The HPD LendScape team provide a broad range of professional services to enable you to maximise your investment in the platform.

Hosted Management Services

We offer our clients both hosted and licence based options for our software

Technology Partners

To provide our clients with the best solutions possible and keep our internal operations running smoothly, we have partnered with some of the best companies from around the world such as;

Matthew Ascott

HPD have been a main IT solutions provider to IGF for many years. During those years we have seen the continual evolution of the platforms and HPD are actively investing in the LendScape platform and listening to the customer’s needs.

The annual LendScape conference is a prime example of this with HPD showcasing its future vision and bringing customers together in a collaborative environment.

Matthew Ascott, Chief Information Officer

IGF Group Services Ltd