HPD Wins at RFIx Awards

In an industry that continues to prosper and innovate, we are very proud to have earned industry recognition in delivering market leading products and services. To this end, we are delighted to announce that HPD has been named ‘Factoring Technology Solution Provider of the Year’ at the Receivables Finance International Awards while our founder, Tony Davison, has been awarded this year’s ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.


These award wins are a testament to HPD’s innovation and expertise as a market leading factoring solutions provider, and our long term commitment to delivering an unrivalled product. Serving at the helm of HPD for more than 30 years, founder Tony Davison’s commitment to receivables finance has supported the development of our company onto a global stage. The Lifetime Achievement Award is a tribute to Tony’s outstanding contribution to the technological advancements of receivables finance, where he has helped countless businesses grow and flourish with unparalleled strategic direction.

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