Aligning Technology with GDPR

Introduction The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation signals a dramatic shakeup in the rules on how companies and other organisations manage individuals’ personal data. The new regulation will come into force on May 25th 2018, replacing the previous 1995 data protection directive. This switch from a directive to a regulation is important because it means…

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Uncovering the benefits of data science in commercial finance

HISTORY OF BIG DATA The term ‘big data’ has been around for decades, and has grown considerably from its small beginnings to the hot topic it is today. Forbes gave a potted history of it back in 2013, noting that the concept (under various different names) started back in libraries in the 1940s.1 However, the…

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Trends in technology shaping the working capital finance marketplace

Technology has long been the backbone of the working capital finance industry. From major players dependent upon legacy systems to monitor and service large portfolios to the small players manually tracking loans using spreadsheets. Finance providers have relied upon technology to provide efficiency and improve risk management. However, we are seeing a face to technology…

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