Have you got the right tools to mine your data?

Analytics Insights & Reporting

Our analytics, insights and reporting module provides smart dashboards for informed, business finance management.

Use your business data for qualitative and quantitative analysis to create plans, policies and business targets.

Insight harvested from your data provides real-time dynamic information management across all levels of your organization. From C-Level executives to customer facing client managers.

Looking for a trusted platform partner?

Our platform processes over $50 billion of receivables per year.

Business Benefits

The HPD LendScape Analytics, Insights & Reporting technology provides the following benefits:

  • Enabling you with proactive risk controls
  • Real-time analytics
  • Benefit from a complete 360° degree view of your portfolio
  • Strategic operational and service insights
  • Intuitive and fully tailorable dashboards



"Effective communication at every step is what has made the real difference with HPD, because even with all its great technology, people are still at the core of our relationship"


Alecsandra Valasuteanu

Head of Factoring | Unicredit Bank Romania

Technology Partners

To provide our clients with the best solutions possible and keep our internal operations running smoothly, we have partnered with some of the best companies from around the world such as;

Data Extraction & Analysis

Reduce the lead-time from raising an invoice to receiving funding for your customer and deliver an agile responsive solution to your market 

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Customised Client Portal

Deliver multiple products with ease to maximize the opportunities for your clients to access your services

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Invoicing & Receivables

Grow and develop your business ensuring you can create and deploy your products quickly and support your strategic objectives 

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